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The Holsten's Story

For 83 years, Holsten’s has been the perfect place for families to spend quality time together while enjoying delicious food. 

When you cross the threshold of Holsten’s Ice Cream Parlor, you might feel as though you stumbled upon a time machine that whisked you back to the 1950s. With our glass candy display cases, cozy red vinyl booths, and ice cream counter complete with old-fashioned barstools, Holsten’s magically transports you to the quaint and convivial atmosphere of an era long forgotten.

Older generations are in awe as they feel as though they’re revisiting their childhood; children are in awe of the wide assortment of candies and ice cream.

“That’s why it hasn’t changed much over the years. It’s like taking a step back in time.” -Ron Stark, co-owner.

From milkshakes to classic cheeseburgers to onion rings, we’re here to offer you all your nostalgic childhood favorites. We have customers who have been coming here for decades, whose kids we’ve seen grow up before our eyes, as well as newcomers who step in and fall under the spell of our charming and nostalgic environment. 

Holsten’s was first established way back in 1939 as Strubbe’s Ice Cream Parlor. Since then, though it’s undergone a few name changes and owners, Holsten’s has always been dedicated to fostering a close-knit community by serving delectable homemade food. 

What started as a place that only sold ice cream and candy has since expanded, now offering breakfast options, burgers, sandwiches, and of course — onion rings, à la Tony Soprano. Holsten’s is also a family owned establishment, with the love for the business passed down from generation to generation. 


Co-owners Christopher Carley and Ronald Stark have been with Holsten’s since they were teenagers. Carley’s mother worked at Holsten’s, and Ronald’s father Rudi Stark was a partner in the business from 1964-1999. 

Rudi Stark trained as a pastry chef in Germany and would hand make some of Holsten’s confections. In running such a long-standing business that holds a special place in the hearts of community members, Christopher and Ron are dedicated to preserving the old-fashioned quality of the restaurant that has kept customers coming back for years. 

We still have the old wooden and glass candy display cases first put in back in 1939. 

For close to a century, we’ve represented the best of small town familiarity — quality homemade food, friendly staff, and a warm atmosphere that reminds you of life’s simple pleasures.